A popular, free, cultural newspaper from Seattle Washington featuring local news, editorials, arts and music information; and found in nearly every coffee-shop and news stand in the city.

The origins of the Stranger may be a reference to Albert Camus' novel of the same name (in French L’Étranger) however is it also likely to be a reference to a sex act in which one sits on one's hand or arm until it is numb and masturbating.

It is considered by many to be an elite, pseudo-intellectual and liberal source of information and has high activity on its own blogosphere, the Slog.
Jim: Hey, see that hipster over there reading the Stranger?

Alice: Yeah, he must think he's hot shit.

Jim: Oh, wait did your catch Savage Love this week?

Alice: No, let's get a Stranger and check it out.
by StabbyCat18 April 06, 2010
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a weekly music magazine in seatte washington
at nearly every cafe in the entire state of washington
by herbie February 01, 2004
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the scariest movie ive ever seen.
joe : have you seen the strangers yet?
Steve : i havn't been able to close my eyes for three days, what do you think.
by hello_ September 17, 2008
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when male/female sits on their non-preferred hand until it is numb, then comences to partake singular sexual stimulations. when done properly, the end result will be the feeling of being serviced by a "stranger" but, mind you losers, its nothing like the real thing. so go get a gf/bf or or get a good toy
the stranger, is my favorite mastabatory method.
by phil/trebr/carl November 15, 2003
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The stranger also applies to the act of a gentleman sitting on his own penis until the sensation of numbness occurs; once he commences masturbation, it will feel like he is wanking somebody else off - i.e. the stranger.
Bongo mag under his left arm, Marvin Dickjump went to his room to pleasure a stranger.
by tickled May 28, 2004
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