A sex move that is done where female will not want to have sex with the male, but the male has sex with her anyway.
"What's your favorite sex move?"
"The Rapist is up there"
by Balls McCoy January 20, 2010
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Someone rich betas and hoes pay tons of money to tell them sweet lies
After getting fucked and dumped by hundreds of guys, Angel has been visiting a therapist to make her feel she's special.
by Chaxxx February 23, 2019
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Normally known as a registered doctor who treats physiological issues within yourself, a Therapist is also known as β€œThe Rapist”.

When used as β€œThe Rapist”, the appropriate context to use it would be to describe a sexually-centered individual.

Also can be used interchangeably with perverted.

Note that this could make a wonderful inside joke around individuals unaware of the true meaning of "Therapist".
Girl 1: "Ooh, girl, you know that all that boy ever thinks about is sex!"

Girl 2: "Yeah, he's a therapist!"


Guy 1: "That chick keeps on smacking my butt every day she sees me!"

Guy 2: "Yo, that's because she's a freaking therapist!"
by WowzerzGurl November 17, 2010
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The person that you entrust many of your deepest and darkest secrets in. However they don’t turn out to be what you expect. When separating this word into two words, an entirely new meaning arises. This person is someone that may cause a great deal of pain in your deepest and darkest area.
Big Easy: Yo Tyrant, I went to my Therapist yesterday so he could help me Masty. I’ve had trouble getting into them lately.

Tyrant: Bro... sounds like you went to The-Rapist. Let me ask you an important question.. is there a radio in his office?

Big Easy: No

Tyrant: Bro, you need a new therapist ASAP
by Stoney69 February 23, 2019
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What girl calls the guy she really likes and will eventually be with but calls him that so that they can constantly talk
Girl: oh yea he's my therapist that why I'm always texting him
by C nemur March 17, 2019
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