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The Puss Fic is a kinky fanfic in which Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross have frisky anal
It was early in the afternoon, Ryan and Brendon were in bed. Ryan was starting to get frisky so he desided to pleasure himself and Brendon, so he grabbed brendon by the puss, making Brendon moan loudly. "I got your sweet puss" he whispers in brendons ear and licks up his ear lobe softly. Brendon is unable to move and he's whining and shaking in pleasure. Ryan began to pump brendons puss slowly, wanting to gain the musical moans escape brendons thicc beautiful lips. Ryan smiled as he heard Brendon wine and squirm in pleasure. Ryan got ontop of him and took off his pants to where his puss was hard against brendons chest. "Want me to ride your puss?" Ryan whispers in brendons ear seductively. Brendon nods eagerly as Ryan lifts himself up over brendons puss, brendons puss enters Ryan slowly. Ryan moans loudly as he lowers himself all the way down "dick me down" Ryan moans, at this point Brendon was done looking submissive when in reality he made Ryan his bitch. Brendon grabs Ryan's hips and slams into him, making moans escape Ryan's lips. The end of brendons lips curled into a perfect smile when he saw how he was destroying Ryan. "You like my puss baby boy?" He grinds his teeth at Ryan. "Y-yes daddy your big puss in my juice factor!" Ryan moans while he arches his back making Brendon hit his strawberry just perfectly. Brendon flips them over to where Brendon was ontop of Ryan slamming his puss into him eager for Ryan to come. "I-i'm gonna spill my creamy fluids" The puss fic
by ThePussFic March 10, 2018
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