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Another way of saying prego or preggo meaning pregnant.

Sometimes a woman might get "a bad case of the preggers" This is when she might be expecting twins or triplets.
Jessica: So does everyone understand what happened to her? (Referring to a fictional character in a play}

Kyndra: Yea! She gots the preggers!

Shan: What?!?!?!

Kyndra: She's pregnant!
by Shan Powar April 01, 2008
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A very common and extremely contagious disease which turns you slowly into a bad Italian Stereotype. Exposure to Prego Pasta, Italian movies or other forms of Italian culture are main causes. At first the disease is very pleasant but slowly turns a person crazy.

Bradley has the Preggers and really digs Luciano Pavarotti.
by Rico of TU April 30, 2008
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