An affectionate nickname for the hellhole of the Internet known as fanfiction.net
Boy: Hey, I just got this fic! It's terrible!
Girl: Duh. It's from the pit.
by hw221 February 15, 2010
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Home of the biggest collection of dirt bag douche bags on the internet. Members have beat up kids, engaged in sexual orgies, had alcohol related legal problems, enjoy strippers, gay porn, vacation in Elko Nevada, enjoy making crafts and knitting, raise goats, promote alternate lifestyles, members of BigBrothers. To join our chat sessions you must be naked. Shaved genitals is a plus.
The pit is an internet message board. Everyone who posts there is a douchebag. A naked douchebag.
by ThePitMaster July 30, 2006
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The lower section of the Eagan High School Stadium reserved for upper classmen. Because it's always packed, underclassmen only ever find room sitting on the edge, with the band kids, or in the adult sections.
Jeff: What's up Chris? You want to head down to The Pit?

Chris: The upperclassmen won't let me in there! I'm only a sophmore.
by Bluegreen Football Fan June 06, 2012
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a place or situation that is lousy, boring, loathsome etc (from armpits)
That store is the pits.
by The Return of Light Joker December 19, 2007
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An Australian slang term for a vehicle compliance station owned by a state authority. The term "pits" comes from the pit you drive your car over for the inspection to take place. You'll usually get sent here if a you act like a dickhead to the cop that has pulled you over and your car has obvious defects (i.e. too low, too loud, etc...)
Jimmy: "hey did you hear John was being a smart arse when he got done by the cops"
Barry: "ah fuck was he driving his S15"
Jimmy: "yeah they sent him straight to the pits"
by MelonTheYugoslav August 02, 2018
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A metaphorical state of being "trapped" in an on and off relationship.
Adam and Evelyn are in an 8 month relationship. Due to arguments or just pure lust, Adam breaks up with Evelyn to try "something new". He then realizes that his new girl isn't as great as Evelyn, he then takes her back. Two months later John breaks up with Evelyn again, this time because he's noticing more and more flaws. He then finds himself yet ANOTHER new girl. And he gets bored of her as well and goes back to Evelyn, and this vicious cycle continues until one of them ends it for good. And gets them out of The Pit.
by Juan C Rodriguez October 12, 2008
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