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an fkn AMAZING band.
they are like a rock/punk/poppish band.
i love them
they are amazing
Modern Swinger by the pink spiders:

my baby's pretty as a car crash
sexy like a stinger of a hornet in your arm
just another modern swinger
singng "catch me if you can" with a cigarette in hand
its love. its heavy and it hurts and its love.
by Sammma April 03, 2006
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The Pink Spiders, commonly abbreviated as TPS, is a power-pop/alternative band from Nashville, Tennessee.
They are no MTV fairy tale. There were times when they made starving artists look like the had it good.
Their music mixes 80's garage with modern alternative, plus several genre's in-between.
They have three albums
(The Pink Spiders) ... are taking over!
Hot Pink
Teenage Graffiti
and a new album coming: Sweat it Out

if you're a fan of any genre of rock, they are definitely a band worth checking out.
"young and wasted, look at me noww! i'm the king of california, straight from teneseee!"
"dude, what are you singing?"
"back to the middle, by The Pink Spiders"
by meganishizu September 21, 2007
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A band, for people that have taste unlike entries 2 and 3, that is simply AMAZING.
They're fun people, a fabulous live band, marvelous songs, cool clothes, and they're just freaking awesome. :D
They have has three albums out, The PInk Spiders are Taking Over,Hot Pink, and Teenage Graffiti.
And a their new album, Sweat It Out, is coming soon.
Buy it or be square! =D
Don't know who they are?
Check out their MySpace/website and let their awesomeness overpower you. =
The Pink Spiders are love.(:
Me: Woot! Check out this awesome band called The Pink Spiders best buddy! :D
Best Buddy: Oh my goodness. They are wow. I love them!
Me: Well let's love them together! :D

And me and my best buddy lived happily ever after. :
by bobaBrittney September 18, 2007
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The bane of the Nashville rock scene, seeing as they've now sold out and given control of their nuts to MTV. Best known for their habit of dressing in only pink and black for shows, which will now easily appeal to every 13-year old fat punk-rock poser girl across the nation. Matt Friction has now stolen their hearts. Many in Nashville might still consider going to a show, but then they are quickly reminded by their friends how many pre-pubescents will be there, and they realize that the Pink fucking Spiders now suck.
loser: "hey, wanna go to the pink spiders show tonight? it might be fun..."
guy: "yea, if you consider hearing teenage girls claim they want to fuck a guy that dyes his hair more than they do..."
by woogie May 27, 2006
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