1) Dope ass song (and music video) by THE ONE and only Foo Fighters

2) Nickname for the character Neo of "The Matrix" movies

3) Jet Li, infamous actor of action films, including "The One"
1) "You’re not the one but you’re the only one... Who can make me feel like this..." -Dave Grohl (sexymuthafukka)

2) Neo is believed to be "the One" - the messiah.

3) Dood, The One with Jet Li just came out on DVD!
by motored_heart June 27, 2003
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a sex god 2 the women which is y all men h8 him (well most of em neways)
aka gunny and nuggy
i wanna b with the one
by a friend of the one March 07, 2004
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Remember in the movie City Slickers when our favorite cowboy is about to find out the meaning of life but then the one with the knowledge to pass on about what the "one thing is" keels over first? That's how finding the One is. You die before you find out who it is. Or die trying! Or try not to die?
Is the One an actual thing? Are there multiple ones? Is there one for now and one for later?
by LetsPlayKeepAway December 18, 2019
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'The one is someone who you want to be with till the end of time. Someone who loves you for who you are and someone you appreciate. Everyone has a different 'one as we all like different types of people. You could like: kind, mean, bad, good, careful, reckless, tall, or short people. But who ever you pick should be your one and only for the rest of eternity. Love them and they will live you just as much.πŸ’– Maby Severn more.
πŸ’–Every one should have 'the one'.πŸ’–
by TMC#wolvesforever October 01, 2020
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The person who you know.
The person that you fall in love with.
Who you are the whole-hearted to.
The funny one.
The smart one.
The one that could always cheer you up.
Friend 1: *stares into the distance*

Friend 2: Man, she's the one.
Friend 3: Lay off boy! She's MINE.
by VictorIsAwesome January 11, 2019
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Pee drinking, lesbian warrior ruler, Jess Flores
The One just drank a glass of pee!
The One just took over a country with his lesbian warrior army!
by Anonymous August 28, 2003
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Bomb Ass song by White Zombie. It is on the Escape From LA Soundtrack. Refers to Snake Plissken but never by name.
Yeah, I am the one stronger than you and every mother's son. Yeah, I am the one King of the world and the devil's son. yeah yeah
by Snake Plissken October 03, 2003
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