police that like to bother,hide behind the badge and abuse the right to bear arms.
Dam dog put that out, the ones are right there.
by E/\/() February 10, 2007
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That totally awesome person or pet that you just want to hug so badly it hurts.
by Robert Cattla November 12, 2010
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A mystical, quasi-religious figure, with powers formed by the collective belief that (s)he is The One.
"I'm not the One, sorry. I'm just an ordinary guy."
by Random Guy #fhqwhgads June 19, 2003
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"in witchcraft mythology, the person who controls reality."
The one is deciding the world to end in 2012.
by coMMAnder_drew June 28, 2012
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As in a "COLD ONE" or "THE PROPERTY OF ONES" somthing i picked up on my travels with Strongbad in Cancun
I had a "COLD ONE" last night, it was a good buuurr!"
by Biggie June 18, 2003
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Her that girl that you need. The one you let go.
I miss her and I know she is The One
by Nathan-+-+-+- November 01, 2014
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