The person who has the power to change things within The Matrix, i.e. Neo.

Also a crappy movie starring Jet Li traversing parallel dimensions.
Morpheus believes that Neo is the one.

After watching The One, i wanted to go back in time and kill myself as to prevent myself from watching said movie.
by trip June 18, 2003
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A positive phrase in the civillian sector, but in the military it is used negatively. You do something stupid, then you're "that guy" that gets everyone fucked up because of your actions. This type of marine is also referred to as a shitbag, buddy fucker, garbage, etc.
Drill instructor: "Don't be the one that gets caught stealing peanut butter packets from the chow hall! I WILL FUCK YOU UP!"

(1 day later) Drill Instructor: "GOOD! Recruit dumbass decided to steal peanut butter from the chow hall and eat it on firewatch! Fuck the Drill Instructor right? GET THE FUCK ON THE QUARTERDECK RIGHT NOW!"
by Kreator89 February 06, 2010
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I am saved through God's Grace, in that He sent Jesus Christ, The One whom was prophecied about, to die for me.
by Marty June 17, 2003
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He is overlooked. He is noticed. He hides in the dark corners of the crowd. He is the glowing center of attention. He comes in all shapes and sizes, usually unexpected ones. Everyone knows him, even if you dont know it. He is the most caring, compassionate and thoughtful being on the face of this planet, but his experiences have taught him the skills neccesary to destroy you. He has experienced more than anyone you know so anything he says must not go unnoticed, for it means somthing, even phrases as simple as "whatever" or "if you say so". But being him sucks.. Because usually irony takes toll on him and he ends up being with a selfish, uncaring person who ruins him emotionally. Even though he brings happiness to everyone he meets, the one he cares for most usually destroys him. He makes no enemies, although people somtimes mistake his kindness for weakness; his calmness for acceptance; and his silence for ignorance. If you run into The One, he is the only One you will ever meet, because you only meet one of them in your life. So be humble, be kind and think twice before crossing him, because your best friend is his ally and you are always at his mercy.
mom...i think he's The One
by Life's Lesson March 03, 2012
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Someone who is part of you even when you aren't together.
1- oh WE would just love to have that potted plant for our front room.
(we? we who?)
Me and my bf/gf
(your bf/gf isn't here right now)
He/she is a part of me. he's the one.
by angeldancer44 January 05, 2010
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To like him/her over all the rest.
Could pertain to being the one for life...or the one for the moment.
I think he is the one for me.
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A name lotsa newbs use in FPS games cuz they think its cool
by Anonymous June 27, 2003
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