Stands for 'No Offense". Mainly used in texts or online but increasingly being used in conversations.

Heard it here first from ZODIAC
"N.O but you look stupid"
"Your rubbish at that, N.O"
by B247E August 7, 2009
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abbreveation for New Orleans
by MiC Check October 12, 2005
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N.O is short for New Orleans.da town where lil wayne is from
aint nottin hotter den dat N.O
by reppinATL July 31, 2006
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NEW ORLEANS AKA N'orleans! A wonderful city in the durty south (but full of stalkers in the gift shops). The women here are fyne as hell and have that sexy thickness to must be all the creole food. The sights are wonderful and the weather is great!
I'm about to catch a flight to N.O, I heard the women do and stick all on the flo'.
by Woman4Women April 3, 2008
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An Acronym short for Lightning Serge Iblock-a-nother one. One of the many nicknames of Oklahoma City Thunder Power Forward, Serge Ibaka.
L.S.I-a-n.o. AKA Lightning Serge Iblock-a-nother One AKA Serge Ibaka just swatted that ball like a boss.
by uptown johnny December 18, 2012
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