1.An offensive aimed toward Blacks
2. A form of YouTube comedy in which typically a character from a famous children's television series or movie is voiced over by a person who gets close to the microphone and slightly ear rapes the viewer making a parody in which the chosen character says the N-Word
1."What up my Nig-"
2."Hey man check out this video its called pops says the N-word"
by JavaInk88 April 27, 2020
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Dude, what happens if you invert the word brown?

Idk why?

brown-nworb= N word

Holy shit! It's the N word!
by Norrabal April 11, 2019
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This is a word originating from the times of slavery, and was used as a derogatory term to identify people working on the plantations or fields. The full word is considered being racist when used by a non-black origin or skinned person, and is especially offensive when used to greet a black person. There are two common alternative spellings for the word, being: n*gga (used more commonly and is typically used to avoid being called racist, since it is seen as more of a greeting than a racial directed slur) and n*gger, ( the original spelling used by slave owners and pronounced with a hard -er to inflict offence and should NOT be used as a friendly greeting to a friend. That will probably get you smacked up on the streets.
Yo what's up my n*gga.
Dude, I heard that the N word comes from slavery, that shits deep.
by YouTube:Murkyy May 30, 2018
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A word that is racist to say if you are not Obama PewDiePie's favorite word
I'm gonna say the n-word
That's racist you can't say the n-word
oh really n *dies*
by Reaper J on YouTube (1st one) February 26, 2019
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I don’t have the pass I can’t say it. Only the people of true power can possess this word.
Black guy: yo the n word you good?
White guy: yuh pho sure n word
Black guy: tf you say?
by FurryCoochie123 January 18, 2020
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