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The meep is an interdimentional being that is undefinable by any human measurement. However it manifests itself as a head with a huge smile and special ears. It also wears a spotted party hat. The earth, and everything, was created by the meep. After he was finished, he smiled from ear to ear and put on a wonderful party hat. The meep simultaneousely watches over everything and everyone on the earth and throughout the many universes under his jurisdiction. The meep has a strict moral code, wich can be summed up by three letters arranged as points on a triangle surrounding his beutiful head. These letters are H, D, and S. The Meep stands for happiness, drugs, and sick beats.
Larry's Gorgeous Girlfriend: I love jesus 4 life! Jesus is x-treme. He offers x-treme salvation through x-treme repentance for awesome sinz!

Me: Fuck you bitch, I'm representing the meep. He stands for hapiness, drugs, and sick beats. He doesn't give a shit about anyone! He loves life, and himself.

Larry's Gorgeous Girlfriend: Yeah, whatev. I hate all those things, especially hapiness. It makes me feel unclean.
by Ghoulciti March 28, 2007
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A mentally retarded person with a small head that makes a soudn like this...

wtf is that sound? dude?
its the meep!! what the fuck?
by Val November 02, 2004
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