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What you use against those kids that nobody can control. You know, the ones that eat t.v remotes, flush blankets down the toilet, climb you, break things, bite you, scratch you, who dont listen to you or anyone who tries to discipline them.

The man from house #123 eats the faces of undisciplined kids, and if this is used well enough, will keep these tasmanian devils in check.
me: Timmy, if you dont stop hitting Suzy, i will call the man from house number '123' to come and eat your face.
timmy: I will kill the man from house number '123'
me: The man from house number 123 cant be killed. He eats the faces of naughty kids, but if you stop acting like that, I wont call him. ;)
by thegirlthatkrumps April 19, 2011
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