Somebody who is amazing; says amazing things, makes amazing calls, does amazing things, thinks amazing ways.

Somebody who should be worshipped because of ther awesomeness.
Have you met Rachel Adams? She's the biggest legend. She lives in Warrnambubble, loves singing cat videos, and possesses the highest amount of legendariness ever encountered on planet earth. She has been known to tell herself to "Google" things in her dictionary in English examinations
by YEAHYAH. June 16, 2011
1) A person who has gained respect by his/her peers for any reason. Most commonly used when a good bit of skill is produced in a football match.

2) A person who is the complete opposite, Chavs/Townies may call a complete d*ck a legend sarcastically

3) Leg, short for legend, pronounced Lej
1) Whhhhoooo Rossie Boi you Legend, go on my son!

2) Doby, what a legend! *Laughs*
by Urban Dictionary UK December 29, 2005
When you are a legend and it’s very overwhelming.
You probably didn’t notice because of all this legendness
by abbie666 September 30, 2017
To not fit in, being an outcast and a misfit.
1: Soo. you're saying you don't fit in? you're an outcast... a misfit?
2: let's assume.
1: sounds to me like you're a legend
by January 10, 2020
A person that pushes themselves beyond the limit most people stop at, and then pushes even more.
Fabio- "Nick you are a F***ing LEGEND bro!"
by Truthlogic1 April 20, 2022
Smart, funny, and handsome. A legend is excellent in a particular field. They are also really good at roasting and are badass.
Person: Wow! That guy is a legend!
by Hdissgodudbdkd April 15, 2020