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the lawful pirate is a religion that you must be born into by rights ... complies with the law of the savior ie old and new testaments... it is where instead of plundering you have a method of obtaining what people don't want .. which can sometimes be more than what they do want... this religion is that you are a ghost.. hence why you must be born into by rights.. and the earth or universe (for example) is made of water and spirit you float around in a ghost ship ..terrorising those that do not represent your religion... many pirates have ended up being lawful but as there is no law higher than they than can get caught in there own short fallings and face judgement the lawful pirate has the all his laws complete and accounted for hence why it is a fulfilled religion and not a persona
i was once a half of the lawful pirate (religion)as i did not have the rights and i terrorised chaotics asked what they wanted they replied... to kill you ... and i said "right! by my name and by the law of my god you will never infact for it is now permenantly and infinately impossible for you to lay even a finger on this body which i am until you have all been deafeated forever
by angus david macfarlane May 25, 2007
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