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The first attribute that makes a kristin blow job different from your ordinary blow job is that it can only be distributed by females named kristin (kirsten is also an acceptable name). Getting crazy dome from kristin is just like getting it from anyone else, however what makes it so special is that she gives it to you from the shower. So, while you are getting your dick nice and wet, she is getting her hair nice and wet. Kristin must be able to multi-task, because she needs to shampoo her hair and caress/suck on your wiener. The kristin blow job can also be a normal blow job given in a department store's dressing room.
"Damn, what's the deal with that pecan nigger"
"I know he is eating up all the nuts"
"Yeah, that fucker!"
"I won't hate on him though"
"Why not?"
"He has been getting the kristin blow job on a consistent basis"
"Shit, nigga got game!"
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