To get turned down by a female, or denied.
"Lets Just Be Friends"
"Dude You Totally Got "Golden Girled"
by TIB December 26, 2007
The Golden Girls is a sweet show on lifetime about four women in their late sixties. "The Golden Girl" is a move where you soak your hand in water until it gets all pruney like an old lady's, then u jerk off...
I tried out The Golden Girl last night... works everytime.
by dio20 December 15, 2005
An old lady (typically over 55 years of age)
According to a university study, Golden Girls are twice as likely to give oral sex (via Manswers)
by Masteronone April 8, 2011
Like the stranger, but you need to soak your hand in water while numbing it before masturbating.
dude, I totally just gave myself a golden girl in the shower.
by Woodward February 24, 2008
Psycho ass bitches from Francis Howell High School on the dance team. All are crazy and two faced as fuck!!!!
Bro she is such a golden girls so two faced and all the moms are wack
by Pottywords2343 February 1, 2020
The formal act of shaming, by full-screening a Youtube video, typically of the popular television show Golden Girls, for leaving one's laptop unlocked, whilst attending to physical matters.

etymology: Explorys, circa 2012
Yo... he just left his computer unlocked:
we should golden girl him.
by deekim October 28, 2019
She’s a ten out of ten an absolute stunner

Never needs a man she’s what a man needs

Literally epitomises beauty she’s the pengiest of peng tings
Low-key crazy and stubborn but still has a great personality

She is worth her weight in gold

No girl can compete against such a melanin queen 👸🏾 🌹😻🐸
Naomi is a absolutely breathtaking she is the one and only Golden girl
by CHBK November 2, 2020