The thing you just lost.A international game played by those who question,"what is the game?" after someone says "i lost the game."which gets more people to play it.
X:wanna go play that new game i just bought?



Y: I just lost the game!

X: Fuck dude!
by bloody red dead September 08, 2010
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If you talk about the game or if you think about it, you lose the game; one person can only lose the game every 30 min. by the same person (said person is usually by the unsaid rule required to go in to a rage or at least become slightly disgruntled)
Person A: You lose the game
Person B: ......ARRG!!!!! XD
(30 minutes later....)
Person A: Hey guess what?
Person B: What?
Person A:...you lose the game again
Person B:NOOOO!!!!!!XD
by Boecephus November 07, 2011
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