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The art of inadvertantly diverting from one's original plan to random/spontaneous activities and behavior.

Abbreviation: TFA
JH: Where the hell did you go?

Girls: Our intent was to go to the grocery store, but along the way we stopped at a flee market, then followed a sign to a garage sale, then stopped on the side of the road to look at puppies for sale. When we finally arrived at the grocery store it was closed.

JH: But you left four hours ago?! You must have had the fuck arounds!
by legendarymojito November 14, 2010
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There are times when you are at work or at school and you feel like doing nothing more than just fucking around. this is when you know that you have a severe case of The Fuckarounds.
Dude1: Bro, what is wrong with you, you haven't done really anything all day??

Dude2: I don't know what to tell you except that I have a severe case of the Fuckarounds.

Dude1: Enough said, bro, take your time.
by Big Dick of The West September 07, 2014
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An illness where you have the constant need to either fuck with someone or something; stranger or friend at the expense of everyone besides you. It never ending and you are completely powerless to it. Select few catch it from time to time; but there are those who woke up with it one morning and has not toned down a bit. A severe case of The FuckArounds.
"Is Sunny still trying to set the neighbors front door on fire?"

"Sunny has been over there since 3am two days ago chasing the neighbors wiener dog down with a hotdog bun and a bottle of ketchup yelling "GEET INN MYY BELLAY" The doctor said he'll have The FuckArounds for atleast another week or two. Said there's no cure and it'll only get worse."

"Lord have mercy on the world..."
by SunnyDewany June 14, 2016
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