a softball travel team that is purple and pushes no matter what , And keeps there head up always even if that get out or doesn't make the play right .
by softball~chick~36 April 18, 2016
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(noun): what you tell someone when someone else is struggling to the point of crying large amounts.
you-Oh man i have a 5 page essay to right by 2moro
friend- oh man thats gonna be a struggle, nothing but hurricane-force tears.
by sdousafhuias March 14, 2010
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"jokes on you im into that s***"

either you didn't ping so you can (accidentally) get that pfp or likewise (good) it actually sucks to get a forced pfp
my discord server had a sh** load of those and they even have a template and they always ping ME for some reason
-guy looks at it 1 minute later-
guy: dude why this cringe now i have to change my p- oh my god

few minutes later..

someone: haha noob look at your crap pfp
someone 2: LOL IMAGINE
someone 3: xdddddddddddd

in dms
random dude: you have a discord forced pfp?
guy: yes
random dude: here have a pass so you can change your pfp to anythign
guy: thanks

the cycle starts again
by backwards_cones March 04, 2021
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The energy field created by all living beings; gives Jedi their powers, yadda yadda
by Ravenclaw 5 March 28, 2020
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The force is the balance between all living thing in the universe, and is typically used by Jedi, Sith Lords, and Magicians. If they are telling the Force to move something, why do they put there hand up. JUST USE YOUR FRICKEN MIND!!!
Remeber. the force will be with you, always.
by Nefmaster22 March 06, 2018
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A once good innocent girl that eventually turns herself into a sult have sex with multiple guys, addicted to drugs, usually rachet, and one of the biggest gold diggers of them all mostly common in the South Florida area, avoid this girl at all cost
Hoe, slut, tranny, rachet, gold digger, druggie, the hoe side of the force
by Young Tree May 26, 2017
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