when a girl or guy sticks his or her finger(s) up a girl. Or when a girl uses her fingers to "rub" her genitals for sexual pleasure.
God, i feel so horny, i need some sex, but i'm single, no one to fuck. hmm I'll just FINGER myself... uhh uhh uhhh...
by Jennifer April 18, 2004
Finger; n. -Those things coming out of the end of your arms. Originally named 'Arm-toes.' Designed to hold a beer bottle nicely. Useful weapon for throwing at predators.
'They call them fingers, but I've never seen them fing.'
by F. Johnston August 9, 2007
The brilliant art of using your fingers to cause a woman to become wetter than ever and to orgasm and still want to scream.
Emma really likes to be fingered.
by Nikki_The May 29, 2006
when you insert 1 or more fingers into a woman/girls vagina and rub her clit (rub and ticcle her pussy, it makes ME horny cause i just wanna get fingered when its getting tickeled and rubbed) <-- tip to you guys
but cause i dont have a boyfriend atm i have to finger myself i kinda tease myself to make me wanna get fingered even more
i rub my clit at first, by that time im wet then i start to insert fingers in!

im fingering myself right now actually
(girls try it now, i gurantee you'll love the feeling)
mann.... i fingered myself lastnight and i cummed everywhere, im fingering myself right now actually
(girls try it now, i gurantee you'll love the feeling)
by i love vaginas September 14, 2010
When hands are placed on a female body and fingers pleasure her privates.
Jake : Wow Kiersten your legs are so smooth and your pussy is so soft and tight!
Kiersten : Oh Jake your making me tingle!
Chad : Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
Kiersten : What the fuck was that?
Chad : Sorry I tend to ejaculate when I see you tingle!
Kiersten : Uh Jake maybe you shouldnt Finger me in the break room anymore!
Jake : Ok I'll just do it in the back seat of your car!
Kiersten : Yeah and we can also fuck there too without perves watching us!
Chad : God Damn't I wanna Finger and Fuck too!
by SlopNChop July 16, 2017
Something that can be used for many things. And not always child friendly ways either 😶
by Bulkoz January 14, 2021
rubbing a girls pussy until she has an orgasm
i fingered my girl for an hour last night a she had the biggets orgasm she cam all over me.
by d November 18, 2003