Charlie Higson's Father's Payday refers to a day in the future when it will probably rain. It is usually used pessimistically or sarcastically.

The phrase dates back to the early part of the 20th Century. It referred to a possibly apocryphal story. Each month, Charlie Higson's Father would have to go to collect his salary from his work. Grumbling, he would complain that because he had to go out to get his salary it would almost certainly rain.

People began to use the phrase colloquially when they pessimistically thought it was going to rain.
"Tuesday is going to be like Charlie Higson's Father's Payday"
by HeavierWeather October 3, 2013
The kind of guy who deposits his load, does the bare minimum (if anything) and dips. Can typically be found expecting to be treated like the leader of a pride or king of the jungle but constantly complains about having to be there emotionally, mentally, or heaven forbid, financially for the children he helped create. Will have delusions of grandeur surrounding his contributions while blaming everyone but himself for his inability to provide what normal fathers consider par for the course.

Based off an English translation of a Dutch saying relating to absentee/irresponsible parenting habits that can be found universally across the Western world: katvader
Kim: Jamal is always talking about 'nation building' but he can't even raise his own kids.
Lea: Ugh, typical Cat Father.
by Sai the Magnificent December 28, 2022
This is a vertical integrated sex act where one goes down on a vagen; once the subject is sufficiently moist a deep controlled burst of air is pushed through the vagina. The result moments later is masterful quef, where the reverberation of the labia expels a pleasurable sound and sprinkling of love juices.
My new GF is really into kinky stuff so I gave her a Luke I am Your Father.
by Jackoohoh June 30, 2016
A:How’s Father Joseph doing?
B:Father Joseph is doing great
by Kutty Kallan April 1, 2020
When you thought something would be good anyway but it turned out to be even better
That new film was like Father Christmas with a Turkey on his head.
by WileyWeasel13 December 31, 2021
A priest takes a condom and fills it with silicon adhesive and then puts his fist in it. He proceeds to teach his fellow church goers about the true meaning about being forgiven by the lord.
Anthony confessed and got introduced to the father fister.
by TheWhabbitThumper February 19, 2020
What's happening in the other room when you hear very loud moaning coming from your dad's laptop speakers before he frantically turns down the volume.
Brother: Where's dad? He just disappeared...

Sister: I don't know. He's probably having a father fap or something.
by Jack Atrophy August 9, 2022