More Expensive version of the explorer with more add ons such as stereos,cameras,brakes,tires and leather seats
No man i cant climb that my ford expedition will flip
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Sexual act where you put a salamander in a woman's vagina.
Ryan has a fetish for girls that do Steve Irwin's Expedition.
by Australia etc November 29, 2006
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A sexual move where a salamander is put in a woman's vagina.
At that moment, she knew she wanted to do Steve Irwin's Expedition.
by Krad B. December 1, 2006
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If ever you see this word used in the DRC you can basically assume the exact opposite of it's true definition, especially when used in market announcements by AVZ Minerals or CATH.

*AVZ synonyms: "imminent", "within days"
"expedited" and its AVZ synonyms used in a market announcements actually prepare shareholders for the stock to be suspended indefinitely with zero clarification as to why. You should actually take a 5 year holiday and then have a quick glance back at the share price with zero expectations that it has traded at all.
AVZ have announced the expedited completion of US$240M cornerstone investment with CATH
by wolfofasx June 1, 2022
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This is a term created by the FDA to designate a fast track approval for certain drugs that treat life threatening conditions.
Advanced Pharmaceuticals announces that the development of its new drug will follow an expedited path.
by fadikh May 4, 2016
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