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four crazy Finnish guys who have a death wish. they are Jarppi, HP, Jukka and Jarno. they live on a farm on the Arctic Circle. they also own a pet pig named britney. they have their own show "the dudesons" on spike tv with guest appearances like Bam Margera. the motto they live by is: "When you're old you don't want to think about the things you didn't do, you want to think of the things you did do!" to them it doesn’t matter if this means doing a blindfolded car jump or putting your testicles into a mousetrap! which they have actually done before. They are hilarious and less intimidating than the guys on jackass.
"these guys started before jackass started" - steve-o
"the dudesons fucking rock" - bam margera
by d_e_v_i_l__g_i_r_l July 21, 2006
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