Originally,a fairly entertaining show for all not unlike Win Ben Stein's Money back when Jimmy Kimmel was still funny.
Now,a soapbox for that stiff Jon Stewart who has a constant hard on and is an incessant whiner.
Fuck the daily show.Fuck it right in the ass.
by Wendy Testaburger October 24, 2005
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A news satire show that jumped the shark after the 2004 election but nobody likes to admit it.

It's not a shitty show by any means, but it's overrated, and its limp-wristed commie fanboys should all be kicked in the nuts.

Some people, also known as "major contributors to the downfall of America", actually use it as their only source of news. No, you stupid faggots, it is not the only reliable news source, because it is on fucking Comedy Central. Jesus Christ, even Jon Stewart knows this.
Me: Even great things like The Daily Show can be ruined by morons.
by o_rly_factor September 02, 2005
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An American satire news show that airs Mon-Thurs at 11/10c on Comedy Central. Features Jon Stewart as the anchorman, with a full correspondant team, including people such as John Oliver and, formerly, Stephen Colbert.

It was a lot more entertaining in the days of Colbert, even though Colbert wasn't that funny. Since The Colbert Report began to air right after, the writers for the shows have brought the writing down to one liberal (TDS) theme and one conservative (TCR) theme. I could personally do without all the bias on both shows, but, since the split, TDS has lacked personality, merely coming down to almost the liberal version of Glenn Beck.
I watch the Daily Show and the Colbert Report every night, to get both sides, and a good laugh in between.
by Junatokni6815 December 17, 2010
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