The act of sexually licking a freshly-bloodied tampon
"I gave Chad a cranberry popsicle last night and he licked it CLEAN."
by joemama4206942069 November 10, 2020
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Sexual act involving cranberry juice on a bed careful don't spill that drank before this turns into cranberry sheets
by LovewiththeCoca April 10, 2015
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When you squat during your period, and it starts to leak.
'Rebecca.. do you have a Tampon? During Yoga I might've had a Cranberry Squat'
by TheNooter69 September 16, 2018
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Sticking nails in someone's eyeballs while performing castration in the middle of a church
If you don't shut the fuck up you idiotic retarded old ass piece of shit I'm gonna give you a Cranberry Suprise
by fuckingmadmanwhowritesshit January 01, 2021
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adv; to wrap dental floss around the head of a penis very tightly and then induce orgasm. Called the cranberry technique because the head of the penis resembles a cranberry oddly enough.
I tried to cranberry technique my mans last night, only ended up with half a shaft left.
by The octopoos September 27, 2016
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Cranberry trees are what cranberries grow on. Many people confuse that cranberries grow on trees, but they come from trees. The native word for cranberry trees is actually Hilaphinia Plontunos.
by Rebellious pony November 27, 2018
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to have sex when a woman is on her period the 'wings' refer to the splattered blood on the mans thighs when he is finished
'jesus christ look at this mess I got cranberry wings'
by toynostalgiaman September 18, 2014
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