When ur friend is mad cause their swim teacher is praising only one girl so your a goood friend and tell them that they are the best cranberry in the universe knowing that they despise cranberries with a passion
Lol your and the absolute best cranberry in this planet
by Bean_boy2.0 July 13, 2018
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The word cranberry refers to a person who has a pencil in his/her hand and feels the need to eat it.

This is often, and almost always results in a satisfied tummy.

The feeling began when a boy named Harry Butts, 4th grader, starring in the famous TV show, The Butts' Show, was writing an essay in his history class, and then suddenly his pencil breaks. He finds that the sound of the breaking of lead makes his stomach hungry. He wasn't hungry, of course, but his stomach has no race-not Italian, Mexican, or Greek-and finally decided that it was time to start a race of it's own. The stomach took over Butts' brain, and began to thrust it down his throat. He managed to fit it down is unrealistically wide throat, and when it reached his belly, the pencil dissolved in the acid of his stomach, and Butts got in trouble for the urgent need. He got an F on his essay, and he went to ISS, OSS, and got a counselor, and in each he ate every pencil in sight. That is how it all began.
"That guy is a REAL cranberry! No wonder why he never has a pencil!"
by Doom_Space December 25, 2017
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a girl named cranberry is thicccc, fit, pretty, and has an amazing personality. Even though she is beautiful she is very insecure. A girl like her is very competitive, sweet, honest, real, goofy, hilarious, and outgoing. She has gone through some stuff and is very hard on herself but at the end of the day she knows she is loved. She is probably pretty athletic, easygoing, and fun to be around even though she may crack harsh jokes sometimes but all the guys just want to call her theirs.
by Ella Swanson June 06, 2019
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or Клюква (klyukva) in Russian.

Stereotypical stuff about Russia and/or Russians in foreign cinema with using only things like vodka, espionage, communism, shapka-ushanka, etc to describe a Russian person/the whole country.
— Hey, what do you think about 'Red Sparrow' movie?

— That crap is full of cranberry man.
by crimsoncarnelian November 26, 2019
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When an oversized penis stretches a vagina all the way to the uterus.
After deshawn hit it no one wanted to touch her cranberry bog.
by Angreebrackjuan January 19, 2019
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When you are giving oral sex and vomit on the girl’s vagina.
Zac: did you have sex last night?
Hunter: nah I ate her out and yacked. Good old fashioned cranberry cream pie.
by Nshim September 09, 2021
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