A person that buys stocks, bonds or cryptocurrency at its peak price.
Look at Todd buying dogecoin at the inflated price, he’s like a ceiling fan just hovering at the top
by Earl Hickie April 28, 2021
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When a man has intercourse with a woman and she grabs the fan and spins around while maintaining intercourse this is called a timbo
I used the ceiling fan for a timbo last night it was great
by Hello my niggars September 9, 2019
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"Ceiling fan" is a nickname that can be used for a gun.

This term was popularized by rapper known as 10kdunkin.

The name most likely comes from because similar to what an actual ceiling fan does; the gun will air a building out.
I got that Glock but I call it a ceiling fan - 10kdunkin
by strappedent October 9, 2021
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Person 1: Bro, a Ceiling Fan is just a giant fidget spinner
Person2: Joe MaMa!
Person1: what?!!?
by shmoopy poopy January 30, 2020
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The one thing that spins so fast I can suffocate myself with carbon monoxide and clear the evidence instantly
by Ur mom bob January 13, 2021
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