(1) Calling somebody over to have sex with you
(2) When you are sitting on you're phone and you dial somebody with your ass on accident
(2) Mom: crap dad just booty call me.
by genericstuff May 22, 2016
Person 1: yo I need a booty call
Person 2: dude, ask that girl, not me
by Kittenlover84738 May 26, 2018
why yes the delightful call to get some delicious cake
you use it if hornie or drunk and want to get a wet willy
who are you txting? oh my booty call
by dekusfriendbaku May 4, 2020
In the Old West, cowboys could be out the dusty range, for months at a time, they'd get mighty dirty. So they'd mosey into town with nothing but clothes on their backs and they'd need to wash 'em. So what they'd do is, they would go down to the creek and strip down until they were wearing nothing but their boots. They would keep their boot on, because of rattlesnakes. In order to warn people who were swimming that the naked cowboy was on his way. He'd yell or call: "Booty", "Booty". Hence "Booty Call"
Here comes again Mr. Johnson for another Booty Call. The last one was very dirty.
by FulgoreX January 7, 2020
The call you can't do during quarantine since you're stuck at home watching tik toks and facetiming your friends. It is when a guy calls a girl at 3am to fuck. It happens when a guy is horny and needs to fuck ASAP
"omg Jenny, he just booty called me"
"I'm just his booty call"
by white chick marcus May 20, 2020
Booty call
Booty call
by Moe mo February 6, 2018