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A term that originated from the 2004 movie 'Mean Girls'. It is a book the Plastics use to write nasty comments and start rumors/gossip about their classmates. Nowadays, it can be used to refer to any book that contains hateful comments about anything.
Got anything bitchy you want to say about someone? Put it in a burn book then!
by Thats16myboi June 20, 2020
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A Burn Book is a book where a person can vent out their hate/annoyance of others. It is similar to a diary but instead of documenting your day and/or feeling you are documenting your negative thoughts of others. A Burn Book will often contain Harsh comments and insults.
"I write in a burn book to let my anger out."
by OutOfHerePlease January 1, 2021
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A site which contains bitchy comments about other people, including but not limited to friends, peers, celebrities, politicians, etc.
In a burn book I was called me a stupid whore who sleeps with anything and everything, regardless of sex or species and dead or alive.

A burn book online as the name references does not need to be a physical book but can be a website such as urban disctionary or It really just needs to be a website to talk crap.
by Sir Burner June 3, 2009
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A group chat that originated on Facebook messenger in 2017 & consisted of approximately 10 girls. It eventually migrated to snapchat with the final remaining 7; Didi, AK47, Allycat, Virgin Slayer, Lil Emmy, Bflay & Dri.

The group chats main efforts consisted of meeting up to drink, shitposting memes, throwing parties, organizing receipts & drinking LOTS of tea.
“Burn Book 2.0 has all the receipts.”
by emilymcdotn March 4, 2019
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referring to the movie "mean girls". the burn book is a book where the main characters page pictures of their classmates and roast the shit out of them with snarky comments or by accusing them of doing weird things. a virtual burn book is a group message in which the girls (or boys) in it spend most of their time sending pictures of other people and gossiping.
-conversation from the virtual burn book-
friend 1- *sends a picture of another girl*
friend 2- Holy crust... she's so trashy.

friend 3- I heard she gave Jake an STD.
by okyeano July 18, 2017
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A book burning involving only Harry Potter books.
"Hey Jim, Me an' my church pals are goin down to burn those damn satanic books. It's time fer a good ol' fashion Alabama book burning!"
by Hot Sauce Frosty September 14, 2009
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After a long hard school year of wanting to beat the shit out of your fellow classmates and fuck the female students and teachers you get to relax at night after the last day of school at a nice bonfire where you burn all your school books along with the hatred memories with a couple of friends obviously no black lives matter activists aloud and have fun
Hey can De'Andre come to burning of the books? "Does he support black lives matter?" Yes.... "Then no" but he plays Pokemon go "fuck it he can come"
by Old toilet seat July 17, 2016
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