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A egotistical prick who wears lululemon, asks 14 yearolds for blow jobs, sells juul pods to 5th grade boys all the way to preppy highschoolers in the Saint Louis area. has chicken legs in which you can break if you touch it. Lives off of memories. Smells like asshole.
Boy1: Yo where did you get the pods?
Boy2: I got it from the black frat. But i had to let him in my house because was a thirsty apparently. he smelled like straight asshole. i had to get 5 cans of febreeze in that mug.
Boy1: o.0
by Dontworryboutit314 May 31, 2018
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The Black Frat is a local celebrity in the Saint Louis area, he thinks he is king of the world, and sells Juul pods to 14 year olds who have no idea what they're getting into. He's famous mainly because he started a trend that goes by "#doitfortheblackfrat" or "#doit4tbf". He asks underage women for blowjobs, and disturbs the peace like your typical angsy teenager.
Boy 1: Where'd you get your Juul pods?
Boy 2: The Black Frat, he came into my house with his goons and threatened to rape my cat
Boy 1: Why?
by TheWhiteFrat August 09, 2018
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