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This school actually isn't as bad as it's cracked up to be from prior posts. It's a small, Private Christian school. Simply being a Christian School in its essence makes it seem as if it's a very selective, conservative school. I do not deny the fact that it is conservative. As for the issue regarding sex at Bear Creek, that is something taken very seriously there, because of the Christian beliefs that the school is sworn to uphold. It is not true that you are expelled simply for having sex, but there are consequences for it. As for the Headmistress, you CAN NOT base your entire view of the school simply because of her. That is a gross oversight that should be avoided in any situation. The majority of the teachers there do not hold to such high strung conservative standards. It is nearly only the high-ranking faculty that has those views. And personally, I don't think that even those persons truly hold the conservative standards shown, but are pressured to them through the authority above them.
My speech is done. Do not over-generalize.
by The King of Curb March 28, 2005
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