This is a take on the rusty trombone.....

The chick grabs your shaft like the barrel of a sniper rifle, she grabs your nuts like its the trigger handle of said sniper rifle and she then puts her eye over (into) your brown eye like the scope on a sniper rifle.

Props to joe R

That chick was a sick fuck...she started out giving me a rusty trombone and before I know it she pulled the sniper rifle on me.
by Joe-Joe R August 14, 2007
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The reason you were teamkilled shortly after starting a game of Big Team Battle in Halo.
After DoucheWank9000 betrayed omn0mBabies666 for the sniper rifle, omn0mBabies666 respawned and followed him for the rest of the game, constantly shooting down his shields, walking in front of him while he was aiming, and de-scoping him, but never betraying him back.
by t3hb1gb0i December 7, 2010
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Sniper rifle is accurate semi automatic or bolt action long barreledfirearm with telescopic sight attached to the stock.

Sniper rifle is not same thing as sniper.
Sniper is person who uses sniper rifle.
Paradox Poke:This PGM Hecate II is really good sniper rifle.
by Matyu Sniper December 19, 2017
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A rifle used by specially trained military personel. Consists of a long barrel, sometimes with a silencer attached for elimintation of targets at extreme ranges. Comes in a variety of types.
In the movie "Enemy at the Gates", Vasilles Zaitsef is excellent with a Sniper Rifle.
by Xerxes November 12, 2004
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The gun that Tucker never gets to use.
"Hey! You've got the f***ing sniper rifle, I can't see sh**!..."
"How come I never get the f***ing sniper rifle?"
"You know what would be a good easter egg? If I got the godd*** sniper rifle."
"I bet I could see better if I had that sniper rifle..."
by Speaker for the Dead June 1, 2004
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When a girl has her pants pulled down and you run up behind her and shove your dick in her ass real quick and then pull it out and run away
"I sniper rifled your sister last night when she was half asleep."
by NowThatsQualityTV August 4, 2009
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