1. Adolf Hitler
2. Denigrating epithet used to compare the addressed to Adolf Hitler
3. Everyday German word meaning "guide" or "leader".
The Führer died in 1945

Teacher: Cheating will be mercylessly punished!
Pupil: Yes, mein Führer!

3. Ich möchte einen Reiseführer kaufen. (I want to buy a tourist guide.)
by Duende July 9, 2005
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1. A German word meaning guide or leader that has fallen out of poularity since World War II.

2. A leader who is an insane monster who causes so much misery and suffering in the world.
Both George W. Bush and Adolf Hitler are prime examples of what a Führer is.
by jesster79 February 2, 2006
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A German word that translates to "The Leader." Often used to formally address Hitler by soldiers and political officers While the word führer is purely German, it is mostly avoided in political contexts due to its ties with the infamous Nazi Regime and the leader.
Adam: I proclaim thee Der führer of PANCAKES!
by Der_ DeutscheProfessor May 10, 2022
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The way to describe your signifigant other in case a joke arises about someone being the fürher
- Spooks is the führer of discord

Guilo : but he's....

Mein führer
by PlagueyPoo March 17, 2017
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