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An abbreviation for the town of Tewksbury or any other New England town that ends in "bury". Usually used by people who think they are on the cutting edge of cool language trends, but who in actuality are very much behind everything that is even close to being cool.
Person 1: "Hey, where are you from?"
Person 2: "I'm from the 'bury."
Person 1: "Nice. When are you moving out of your parent's house?"
by Cmin7b5 January 22, 2004
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The slang term used for Westbury. Westbury High School students are the creator of the towns nickname. Filled with A bunch of Blacks and Spanish people....that don't often get along.
Yo is you chillin in The Bury right now?
by M0N3Y June 16, 2006
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