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A phrase that signifies that a person's prior remark could have been interpreted sexually while also insulting the (female) speaker. Means that no man would ever say such a thing about that person because it would be blatantly untrue. If the target of the comment is male, the related saying that's what she didn't say should be used.
Emily: "OMG girl that shirt is totally fab! Can I try it on?"
Gina: "Sure," (under her breath) "good luck fitting into it, you cheese hog."
Emily: "What did you say?"
Gina: "Uh...I said I need to go feed the dog."
(Gina pretends to feed the dog while Emily gets changed)
Emily: "It's a bit of a tight fit."
Gina: "That's what he didn't say!"
Emily: "Oh no you di'int!"
Gina: "Bitch please! You get around more than an aircraft propeller, you ho-ass jersey chaser. Remember the night when you banged the entire Duke lacrosse team? I rest my case."
Emily: "Hmm...come to think of it, I really am a fat slut."
Gina: "Word to your mother."
by Nicholas D June 14, 2012
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