What you refer to about the random, out-of-nowhere, BS that never has any reason that women come up with to:

A) Ruin a relationship
B) Randomly get angry at you
C) and subsequently pissing YOU off too
1) Guy 1: "Man I'm so pissed off"

Guy 2: "Why?"

Guy 1: "My on-and-off girlfriend randomly got angry at me when I looked at her, it doesn't make any sense."

Guy 2: "Buddy, WOMANITIS doesn't make any sense,"

Guy 1: "True that."
by Invasian June 4, 2009
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prob a woman. Idk check for a ballsack
Broski 1: Dude I had sex ashly
Broski 2: same
Broski 1: only thing though she had a ballsack
Broski 2: dude that was not a woman that was my fucking grandfather
by Yert August 27, 2021
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A generall guy who has his way with the lady's. Usually a smooth talking guy a real charmer. A guy who's very caramastic a very laid back guy. The guy who can get a woman to take her knickers of with in a few minuets of knowing each other . Just the guy who's the go to guy, the sherif round town. A man who steals woman's virginties in the process making them into a woman
by Bigfodrob November 21, 2014
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a hologram cuz u never touched one. gottem
guy 1: did u ever touch a woman
guy 2: no i play video games
by ptfiletexd February 22, 2021
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1. The female equivalent of "The Man". An extremely high form of praise usually used to describe a girl who is highly respected and highly attractive. A female is usually referred to as "The Woman" after doing and saying things that are worthy of respect on a daily basis.
"Dude she's sick at frisbee. She's The Woman!"
by youcouldcallmetheman September 3, 2006
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