1. The female equivalent of "The Man". An extremely high form of praise usually used to describe a girl who is highly respected and highly attractive. A female is usually referred to as "The Woman" after doing and saying things that are worthy of respect on a daily basis.
"She's so funny; She's The Woman."
by youcouldcallmetheman September 2, 2006
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A man who woes you with broken promises and when you call him on his actions, it’s your fault. He did all those bad things for YOUR benefits.
The Bodie is a womanizer!
by Camelski November 12, 2018
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A selfish, narcissistic, nefarious character who needs to manipulate and use woman to feed his own childish, self serving ego. Has definite “ Mommy issues.” Will often seek out girls far too young, in hopes that they'll be too naive to read his intentions. Not only will this type of predator pursue women relentlessly—using time, flattery & displaying a “sincere" interest in becoming close on an emotional/mental level—but will quickly lose interest once his true nature as a sodomizing bastard is uncovered. The fallout is ALWAYS the woman's fault, as his ego cannot handle the reality of his own fucked up behavior.
Noah Frederick Lazes, a self proclaimed womanizer, by way of Charlotte, North Carolina
by Youvebeenwarned August 17, 2013
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John Paul Restrepo. He takes girls on dates and manipulates them to feel as I’d they are the only ones. He has multiple girlfriends at a time. Has sex with them raw. Introduces them to his family. Makes them feel special but send their nudes to his friends. Psychopath
He will tell you hes in love with you the second time you guys hang out. He is such a womanizer.
by Julia stones August 9, 2019
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The opposite sex of a man, the same as any other gender... me as a guy myself respect women a lot, some of them are obviously horrible humans, but so are some men... not all men are perverts, and not all women are innocent... I support and nourish both genders as I think when both genders cooperate, that will take our world to a better place, WE ARE EQUAL🌹 NO GENDER IS BETTER THAN THE OTHER💐💐💐💐
I treat men and WOMEN equally, WOMAN.... I couldn’t think of a proper sentence
by Ummmm....hi November 28, 2017
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