She grabbed his womans toe and rubbed the toe gently while looking into his eyes.
by ShitSpoon May 23, 2017
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With Ovaries, Mastering Accentuated Negativity Under Pressure🤲)
P1: Hey, why are you acting all emotional and sad

P2: I got my employee review. My evaluation says I got an attitude problem, which cost me my annual raise

P1: But they gave you feedback about how to fix that right?

P2: yeah!

P1: Well, then WOMAN UP! As a woman, you MUST exude strength always! So With Ovaries, Master this accentuated (highlighted) negative you received under pressure! They just told you how to get your money up! So go get your money up!

P2: True! Thanks for flipping that around; instead of pouting, I'm planning!
by Liqr1 August 14, 2021
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A tri-fold wallet that you can put your roll of quarters and cash into.

AKA: Crusty Coin Purse
Him: What should I do with my roll of quarters?

Her: You can use my woman wallet!
by Blissmydog April 17, 2018
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strong, independent, bad bitch. with big clit and no dick.

Chad- “That woman is WOMP woman
Brad- “Did you see Bertha today? She’s such a strong womp woman!!”
by cmoneyganggang April 27, 2019
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