The vegan teacher Tells people to be vegan or they go to hell
by Ducks_lily September 11, 2020
A stupid woman who sings next to restaurants and say that when you eat an ice cream a cow was r•ped for you
,,do you know the vegan teacher
,,yes of cours she is the best singer! attention‼️attention💅🏼one1️⃣two2️⃣three3️⃣are🥼you🥾ready☂️ŸÏPPËÊ😀Papillon-bleu👁is⛅️the🔒name✏️of🌈my☝️school⛪️„
by very annoying girl October 2, 2020
Forces people to go vegan, doesn't realise veganism is a diet not a religion and doesn't bother to notice that Jesus ate fish
Makes millions of alt accounts and her dog is very unhealthy
Please save Bella
we need to stop That Vegan Teacher before her dog is the next victim
by super kk slider March 16, 2021
That Vegan Teacher is a demented old woman who believes eating animals is wrong. She is a racist and should be put in a care home. She also is famous for getting banned on TikTok (Its anniversary is known as Happy Normal Declaration Day). She should get banned elsewhere, or not get access to the internet
"Have you ever heard about that vegan teacher" asked Keith
"Yeah, she's retarted" replied Steve
by ItsNotMTVGD March 16, 2021
A skinny ass mother fucka who is vegan and thinks the whole world should go vegan
The vegan teacher: everyone go vegan and stop hurting animals!
Everyone else: no :)
by hamburger2020 December 2, 2020