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First let me start out and say everything is bigger and better in Texas. Ex. Alexis Texas!! When a cow girl knows how to get down and dirty . Normally entails fucking and she must ride you like a horse. If she don't know how to ride you like a horse she ain't a cowgirl and it aint't a Texas hoe down. That would be a city hoe down.
"Oh man she knows how to do a Texas hoe down lemme tell ya"
"Dude she let me down cause she just gave me a city hoe down"
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A Texas hoedown is when you are circumcised in Texas, by using the Spurs of the local, dip packing, confederate flag waving, drunk redneck while in the parking lot of Applebee’s.
Woah man, so you finally got a Texas hoedown, glad you had it done at the other Applebee’s and not this one.
by Zeccede July 25, 2018
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