When a male masturbates on his back so that the aftermath of his ejaculation covers his penis, using that as lubricant for a second round.
I have a lot of free time today so maybe I'll do a test launch.
by Ferrell Williams March 13, 2021
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A working week in which all five days are occupied by exams. Similar to a test cricket match but indoors, and really, really boring...
Joe: It's week six of the term next week.
Tim: Oh yeah, we've got all our exams in that week.
Joe: Looks like it's gonna be a test of tests then.
by Delfinator March 4, 2009
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When a virgin girl (or non virgin, bi, or lesbian) wants to know what a dick feels like so she proceeds to use a cucumber and after it is used it has white fuzz on it. Thus the test pickle.
I was at Jessica's house and found a test pickle under her bed! She must be desperate.
by Steffan Fischer March 18, 2015
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In response to a case of bubble guts, the practice of giving a slight push from one's ass to determine if the bowel is about to spew, or it if is only a helpless fart.
Albert: I can hear your stomach from here, do you need to go to the bathroom?
Mary: I think I'm alright. I just did a test push and it seems to be just gas for now.
by AdamLovesCabernet June 12, 2020
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When a teacher gives you a test that contradicts ones test outline
“Man... I just got test raped
by Fghggyyrrd October 5, 2017
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A very sneaky, dishonest way for one male to find out if another male is gay or bisexual, by catching the first male off guard, say, near a wall and pressing genitalia together until the second male gets a hard-on or shows other signs of sexual arousal.
I think Mike is trying to test rub Fabio to find out if Fabio's queer. Why else does Mike keep on trying to lean against Fabio at the end of film making class?
by pentozali May 5, 2014
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