The act of taking control of a co-worker's unlocked computer while he is away from his desk and sending out embarrassing e-mails.
"What the hell was that e-mail about you liking little boys?"
"Aww, that gomer Nishan term-jacked me when I went to the bathroom."
by Russ April 06, 2005
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That big wall of text that you somehow agree with but never read.
Website: do you agree to the Terms and conditions?
user: Yes.
Website: Downloading loli hentai
by assaholic bitch September 25, 2019
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When you're extremely bored and decided to type in a part of the url.
A bored person: I'm bored.
*types define.php?term= in the url box*
by ljccol2006/Bebble March 06, 2020
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A Milestone in a new relationship were both parties male and female feel at ease when breaking wind in front of one another thus getting quite accustomed to it.
" you've been with that bird for time and your not even on Farting Terms yet, do you have to go the bathroom every time you need to rasp? "
by John Gaskell April 08, 2004
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After six weeks of school you get a break were you can go on holiday or relax at home.The half term is a term of relaxation and fun to all student whether they are homeschooled or going to school.It's only given for a certain number of weeks so use it wisely
by VictoriaCrown1 February 12, 2018
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EXTREMELY overused words. Most of which are 1337(leet?)speak terms, cliched insults that make people want to scream, and words that nerds use a hell of a lot.
Nerd Terms are extremely annoying, because almost everyone uses them, and because they are just plain bad disses, etc.
And now, Nerd terms have become part of the english language because of a bunch of nerds, and peer pressure, turning nerd terms into a pandemic.
Bob: (on cell with girlfriend) Wait! Don't dump me! Please!
(girl hangs up)

Nerd 1: PWNAGE!!!
Nerd 2: R3J3CTED
Nerd 3: R0TFLOL
Nerd 4:Oh!!! Diss!
Nerd 5:Burn! You need some ointment for that burn!
Nerd 6: Hope you brought yo plate, cuz youz just got served!!!

Bob: I swear I'm gonna pop a cap in yo ass, y'all.

Nerd 7: (to the other nerds) /oh, Über PWNAGE!!!! Biatch!

Joe: Bob get the hell outta there before thos Nerd Terms get into yo system, Biatch! Otherwise I will PWN YO ASS!

Nerd 7:Diss! (Then get's shot in the ass)
by gmar5 June 06, 2009
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When you are confident enough in a friendship to fart in front of the other person without embarrassment from either party
Arran and I go way back. We're on farting terms.
by Jehannum August 27, 2015
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