A terrible new vehicle trend from the millennial country kids. You take a perfectly good 4x4 truck and then you jack the front up so the headlights are in the trees and the back of your truck resembles a dog with an itchy ass, rubbing across the carpet.

Usually seen with money sign stickers and witty phrases stuck on the windshield Ricky Bobby style, you'll hear this truck before you see it. Obnoxiously loud pipes and the top 40 hip hop (or Florida Georgia Line) are common amongst the tilted crowd.
Don't worry about going off road, these trucks are not made for anything but paved roads, despite the amount of camoflauge the driver is wearing.
Redneck gangster 1 "Hey beau, you seen Tom's new truck?"
Redneck gangster 2 "Yea son, I seent it struttin down by the tasty freeze last Tuesday, that Tennessee TilT his dad bought him looks clean as hell"
by Yourmomsfavdicktionary April 20, 2016
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When the front of your vehicle is lifted and the rear isn't! Giving it a look like you are hailing a loaded trailer or your beds full.
by Redneck Matt February 2, 2016
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