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A slash inflicted from the side of the mouth to the ear, the place a telephone or cell phone is placed, hence the name.
Hood Ninja: "Aye dog, yo I straight got ripped an once of them buds son." (This gentlemen was shorted one ounce of marijuana)

Drug Dealer: "Umm... no?"

Hood Ninja: (Pulls out knife, slashes drug dealers left side of the face, from mouth to ear) "Yo, screw me again bitch, and I'll make the right side match."

Drug Dealer: "Not ANOTHER telephone scar!!!"
by The Isaacton April 03, 2008
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Cut a slice from both corners of the mouth through the cheeks to the ears. Once the cuts are stitched up, your face will look like a telephone pole.
When you encounter a drug dealer on the street, ask him if he has Kibbles-n-Bits. Before he can answer, use your shiv, a broken beer bottle or a box cutter to give him a telephone scar. By marking the drug dealer, you're sending the message that you are not one to be fucked with. Then empty out his pockets, and leave him in a dumpster for dead.
by scullie July 21, 2009
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