When in the throes of extreme passion, you bite/mash/
smash/press hard and/or touch your lover's teeth with your teeth. Serious sensual turn-on when implemented with a vengeance
but leaves no visible mark or damage- unlike a suck mark. Will rock him! A risky endeavor if you are a native Kentuckian or in-bred hillbilly.
"God! I love to teeth kiss Rick and mash his beautiful, white, straight, hard, shiny teeth with my orthodontically enhanced and whitened enamel-bits!"
"Teeth kiss me ruff and make me hot enuff' to do damage!"
by MiMimmmmmmm December 10, 2009
A sound that is made with the mouth to show disapproval or anger toward something. This action is commonly used amongst Jamaicans and other West Indians...
scenario- people standing in line at a bus stop girl #1 buds in front of girl #2

Girl #2- (kiss teeth) yo do you not see me standing here?
by cammmm January 9, 2008
The act of kissing teeth kmt means to express disapproval contempt, or dissatisfaction with a situation or person by making a sound through the act of sucking air through one's teeth.
Oft performed by people from the Caribbean.
I got to the cricket ground late. When I asked the man next to me what the score was, he spent the next 10 seconds kissing teeth at me!
by king biscuit August 24, 2007