A preteen/teenager who is desparate to be "cool",but instead actually ends up looking like a idiotic poseur.They often have iPhones and spend their entire day text messaging stuff like ''OMG I jes GoT A ManICuRE".They often listen to pop songs like California Gurls only because everyone else like them listens to them.Teeny boppers often hang in cliques.Their lives depend on boys,and they only like guys for their looks which is pretty sad.They like to stuff their bras with tissue papper because they are flat chested and wish to have "boobies"Word of advice to teeny boppers:get a life please,and get over yourself while your at it.
They obsess over themselves and are selfish.They love pink,and are always following fads and whats in.Reason Being:To bE KeWL,as I said before.When texting and chating online they type like this:OMGGGGGG i BRokE A NaIl!!!!!!!!

They often wear whats ''IN".

They are commonly reffered to as sluts and attention whores.Part of that is true,but not all teeny boppers are sluts.Most are though,but all of them are attention whores.If they weren't then they would be teeny boppers.
teeny bopper #1:"LYKe OMGGGG CaLiFOrNiA GuRLs RaWk.''
me:''Damn not another teeny bopper."
by Norklandia September 26, 2010
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one of those people (usually teenage girls) who get all giggly and stupid anytime they are near someone even a tiny bit famous. at shows, they are usually the ones asking for the band's autograph, even if it's a high school band that only about 4 people have ever heard of.
"OMG!! i like can't believe I'm like talking to a guy that's like in a band!!! I like just can't stop like giggling!"
by i'm sorry but I hate you.. January 26, 2005
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Teenage whore. They like to listen to shit music to be in a group. They flock around their tvs watchin MTV to see whats hip. They deck themselves out at hot topic to be like avril laving or good charlote or wear skimpy clothes when they are fat as hell and have backacne to be like britney spears. they always watch american idol and always vote for the gay guy. they are one of the most hated people in the world, next to terrorists.
Breaking news: The government ordered the genocide of teeny boppers.
by Rawr June 15, 2003
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teenybopper a.k.a teentart

A girl between 12-15 that wears tights with singlet and cardigan with flats, or alternatively minishorts with tops with retarted sayings on it and bums around broady, epping, highpoint or northland shopping centres in two's or three's, in search for boys. They squeal and talk in a squeeky voice, have long hair, chews gum and eats maccas. Mostly short and skinny or average height and skinny. They are materialistic and care only abt looks, fashion, makeup, boys and maccas. They love shopping at supre, diva, ice, chicci and Y-not type stores. They are mostly dumb in maths and have a confused look on their face while looking at timetables, maps etc.
by mooncrater October 05, 2010
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Young chick's aged 12-15.
The defining factor of a teeny bopper is the music they listen to. They listen to that 'top 40 pop hits' shit, like Backstreet Boys, NSync, Britney Spears or whatever.
They giggle profusely at anything and are intolerably annoying especially when you or them is fucked up on drugs.
They regularly hang out at the mall and movies wearing typically in-season shoes and backpacks in large groups loitering and giggling. They all watch Reality TV and say 'Like, OMG!'. They are typically blonde and/or dumb and follow every single trend that comes out; fashion, music and otherwise. Teeny Bopper is a very stereotypical term.
"Look at that teeny bopper giggling, wearing a backpack and buying that Justin Timberlake CD."
by Diego July 30, 2003
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stupid kids who stalk theyr fave 'punk' band obsessively, know everything about them and keep sayin 'OMG hes sooooo cute..'
look that kid followin that guy from that band around....shes such a teeny bopper....lets go shoot her..
by miss chloe August 13, 2003
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A teeny bopper is usually a pre-teen, or tween female ranging from age 10, youngest at 8, to 14. They read magazines like "Twist" and "M" and "J-14" and other lame, glossy, faux celeb junk like that. They sit in little snobby cliques, are usually under or over weight, have anorexia, friends of cutters, and like to think they are all that. The teeny bopper natural enviroment is middle school, and late upper elementary school, or early high school. The easy way to NOT be a teeny bopper is simply hate them. They type like this: OmG!!!!LyKe WaT r U doin'? Lyke, WaNnA hAnG oUt ON, lyke, lyke, lyke, omg? Lyke no way! KoOoOLlLlL!! They often wear baby-doll t-shirts that say crap like "Punk Princess", or "Watch Out!" or at the worst cases, "Future Mrs.(Name of teeny bopper celeb)".
Teeny Boppers in my school love junk. I hate them all.
by 1to1for December 15, 2010
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