a teenage girl mostly 13-16 (i dunno) who listens to pop(Hilary Duff,Jessica Simpson etc.)goes to the mall for clothes, watches The WB or FOX for shows like "One Tree Hill", "What I Like About You" and "The O.C." for the "hotties" and sometimes reads Seventeen or something.
Inserts the basic words of a valley girl including 'like' and 'OMG!'.
Some of the girls at my school
by KK May 09, 2004
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A teenager who is a pop-culture zealot. Most likely an MTV fan.
by AYB March 18, 2003
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The 2nd worst kind of 'human beings' on earth, 2nd only to posers.
Even God hates teenyboppers
by dref said right June 22, 2004
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An odd species of n00b that displays the following traits...

-Fond of MTV, Good Charlotte, the like.
-Plumage usually black with hot pink mixed in, markings usually in the form of the words "Punk Princess."
-Natural watering hole is a chatroom, where they use their mating call, which sounds like this. "LOL!!!111!Z liek aslz!143e12!!!"

Easiest way to kill them is disembowelment. Don't go for the head, they're like roaches.
"Break out the frags, guys, it's Teeny Bopper season."
by Alec December 10, 2004
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someone who likes a band purely for their looks as opposed to the music
That show ho was such a teenybopper. She didn't even know the words to the song.
by Cassie April 06, 2003
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Teenagers; especially young teens who 'follow the pack'. This can mean; liking the same bands, wearing the same brand of clothes and adopting the same slang. This can be spotted as teeny boppers behaviour and not an indication of indivdual taste by the complete change of affectations and habits after about eight months have passed.
Teeny boppers:The current hatred of emo, by kids who are into punk. Also kids being emo, because its cool. Also the fact both groups wear converse all stars in a variety of colours. Although this will date very quickly as Green Day haven't released anything in a while.
by Rebecca June 19, 2006
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In short, they are the worst fucking terrorists in the universe.

Typically they are slender, white, warm-blooded females aged nine to thirteen, even though most teeny boppers are twelve.

Looks are the most important thing for them in the entire universe. They somehow think they are allowed wear mini skirts with tank tops, which in my case I think reveals too much of their scrawniness altogether.
They wear loads of makeup every day, but the only makeup tip they know is that light pink eye shadow is the "only" thing that looks good on pale-skinned girls.

Teeny boppers usually have tiny mosquito-bite tits that they think everyone is jealous of. They get so excited about periods and bras.

I love you, sweet heart.
"kmxmf0f 0oH huNNi*~!!! ilk TtYL lUuUuurRve y00!"

I don't know.
"hmmmmmm idk *shwuGs*"

I think he's totally the hottest guy ever.
"Omgzzz x3!!!!11 Hez ttly hAWt!!!111111 i i i meeeen th hAwTeSt GuY eVAhHHHHaaaA!!!!!!"


Manicures and pedicures
"Maniz N Pedizz"

Want an iPod for Christmas or have one.
Of course, the iPod is pink. Sometimes, but very rarely,
it is white, but with pink rhinestones.
They wear "perfume" that is actually a cheap ass body spray they bought at the 99-cent store.

Chatting online with a 40-year-old man they assume is thirteen.
Gymnastics or dance.
Making stupid little clubs with their friends that end up stop having meetings.

Magazines like J-14, Tiger Beat, M, and Bop.
"Period" books like Are You There God, It's Me Margaret; Your Body & You; etc.
Britney: OmGAWDzilLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jEnNii, we hav 2 Go 2 ThA maLL 2 gEt a MANi &&&& a PEdi!!!!!!!

Jenny: K, wellll go @ NooN 2MoRRow!

Me: You fucking teeny boppers just don't know when to stop.
by greentea December 10, 2007
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