girls between the age of 10-14 who like to listen to nsync, backstreet boys, etc. they type LiKe DiS, and act like bimbos.
LiKe OMG! I'm A dImWiTtEd TeEnYbOpPeR wHo LoVeS nYsTInK.
by sillyducky September 05, 2003
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Usually pre-teen girls aged 9-14.

They can often be seen in excess amount of makeup on their face, black leggings, crop top, canvas shoes, and wear their socks over their leggings.

They are heard miles away either giggling or giving looks of disapproval at others.

Their main 'hangout' place is the mall and the cinemas in groups of three or four.

They are usually fans of Justin Bieber.
Person 1: Wow.. look at those teenyboppers over there.. they look like sluts for their age.. :|

Person 2: And their faces are covered in makeup but they look so young!

Person 1: Yeah, they look like such wannabes.
by stickytaperer December 21, 2011
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Firstly, i would like to correct a few misconceptions that have been made about the teeny bopper group. Teeny boppers, are NOT typically blonde, they do NOT hail from a particular age group, they are NOT sluts (to be a slut, you have to have slept with multiple partners in a short space of time). Now to my attacks on the people who have previously defined teeny bopper. Saying other people are mainstream DOESNT make you alternative. Bagging out other bands for being MAINSTREAM doesnt make you alternative. Naming bands that seem alternative, DOESNT make you so. Not having any other insult to call someone, doesnt NOT make them a teeny bopper by default. Now, i will leave my corrections, for there are too many.

Teeny boppers are people who are obsessed with being "cool". They are loud, and obnoxious, and often laugh at things that are not funny. Sometimes, i have found, they put on American accents when recounting things (not too sure what thats about).
Below are some examples, undoubtedly there are more, however, there are too may to list, and i have too little time.

P.S Saying you want to kill teeny boppers, doesnt mean you arent one. It means youre psycho.
1. Teeny boppers dress entirely in supre.
2. They scan magazines for the "what's hot" column.
3. They don't care if it looks like shit on them, as long as it's in this months GIRLFRIEND.
4. DeY tYpE n SmS lyYkZ dIzZ.
5. They "play" soccer at lunch, for the sole purpose of skanking around the opposite sex.
6. They often have "i love (insert name of most recent encounter)" in their msn nicknames.
by Dr. Proficient October 03, 2006
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Usually females from the ages of 10-15, who obsess over pop-punk bands, thinking they are hardcore, and are convinced they are married to one of them. They drive real fans insane and are hated by most intelligent people. They dress like slutty preps and their scream names are usually something along the lines of ***PuNk PrInCeSs 4 LyFe!!*** They also cannot complete a sentence without using the word "like" at least 5 times.
Lets kill all the teeny boppers, the world will be a better place.
by Ness September 11, 2003
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A teeny bopper is a stupid little person who like what MTV air because the are manipulative. they only like whats "in" for 1-2 weeks at most, wear pink, and "claim" to be emo/goth/prep/jock whatever.
they also watch disney channel and memorized the HSM songs/mily cirse/sweet life...
teeny bopper: OmG1!1!1!elevendyone!! McR** RUleS My Emo SOX!!! gErAlD** i$ @ SmExY BitCh!!1!
me: Wheres my gun?
bopper: ScReW MCr** HIGH SKOOL muSiCal!! OMGZZZ!!Q!1!5!
me: Ah, here it it! !!BANG BANG!!

**-substite for whatever is in, ((ex: AFI, FOB, P!@tD, Zac Effron ect.))
by m@ndA October 13, 2006
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stupid little preteens or 13 year olds walking round like little tarts in slutty clothes thinkin dey all dat.
a 12 year old walking down the street in denim mini-mini skirt and a top saying "little devil".
by Babygal November 11, 2003
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teenage girls between the ages of 12 and 17 who are basically cookie-cutter girls who wear the same things of every other girl you see. they always are wearing girly-girl clothes and they constantly giggle, gossip, and talk on their cellphones. they talk like this: "like, OMG, and he, like, said he wants to take me to the dance, and like, omg, and--" they hit another car while they are talking on their cell phone and blame it on the other driver. They usually drive a nice 'tricked out' car that their boyfiend spent all his money on or if they drive a fucked up car, it's got all kinds of trinkets inside of it like things hanging from the mirror and a steering wheel cover. they drive like they are the only drivers on the road adn act like nothing is their fault when everything is their fault and they cry when they get pulled over for speeding while cellphone chatting.
I was driving home from work and the highh school was letting out and i was passing by it and these 4 teeny boppers strut out into the street in front of my car without even looking both ways and i have to slam on the brakes to not hit them. I angrily honk at them and they, chatting on their cell phones, just keep walking in their baby phat and adidas clothes like they don't even see me and they roll their eyes at me, give me the finger, and shout at me like, "omg, shut up, bitch, i'm on my phone, can you, like, not see that?"
if there were no cops around, that teenie beenie bitch would've been afraid to step out into the street again.
by Deutsch Thespian January 18, 2008
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