Almost a synonym with "lemming", but usually centered more towards boy bands and MTV pop culture.
My little sister is such a teenybopper, she's all about the worst boy bands.
by Anonymous January 07, 2003
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Brittany: Hi! Wutz up?! N2MH, juz chillin wit mah homies @ my houze. itz so kewl. LOL! So, how u? I fine
by Gwen Stefani Grrl October 15, 2003
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A girl obsessed with pop culture, gossip and throwing up in bathrooms after meals in an attempt to fit in, act more mature or be cooler. This is often an attempt to overcompensate for other insecurities. They are also attention whores. Teeny Boppers are usually 10-16 years of age, or are college students with the mentality of a 10-16 year old.

If they are 18+ teeny boppers, they usually have no direction in life other then β€œI am an aspiring actress/dancer” while working as a hooters waitress and getting drunk on weekends. By the time they are 30, they usually have 8 out of style tattoos, 3 kids from 20 fathers, 50 extra pounds (if not more), and shoot heroin. They are often slaves to their hormones and emotions. They are incredibly friendly and fun loving one minute, then turn psycho and obsessive the next.
Last night at the club, I took home a teeny bopper chick. Dude, they are so easy but wont shut the fuck up.
by Xeal March 17, 2005
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A teeny bopper is usually between the ages of 11-15. Everything they like comes from the latest trends or fashions, which they have nothing of. Their whole existence is based on what their friends wear or have.
They only like what's "IN" and after that, they wouldn't be caught dead with it. "DeY TyPE LyK DiS."

They wear tight ass clothes even though they are fat as fuck. the shirts they wear would say something like "baby phat, roxy, princess, baby girl, flirt" they have no lives and obsess over their boyfriend and saying "i love you" like they actually mean it, and then get dumped a day later. they go to the mall more than 3 times a week in large groups, usually more than 8 people. they stand around stores and talk about useless stuff with their other teeny bopper friends. you can tell they're a teeny bopper if they bring a backback with them to the mall with nothing inside. teeny boppers wear rubber bands on their pants to try to look cool. they buy way too much shoes. they talk and can't back it up.

Teeny boppers aren't smart or good at sports. they're not even good at what they think theyre good at. believe me, i know some teeny boppers. their clothing makes me wanna burn my eyes off. well, a teeny bopper is someone who tries to be one of the girls in a rap video, with tight clothing, $200 hair, and expensive shoes and perfume. they make me sick. basically a teeny bopper is stupid, retard, wannabe kind of person.
teeny bopper 1:HeY GuRl. Y0u WaNna g0 2 dA mALl S0 wE kIn meEt uP WiT dA gUYZ AnD ThRow Up In tHe BaThr00ms aFteR LunCh?
teeny bopper 2: HeLlZ YAhz GiRLy.
by charlie willaim dag friegle August 09, 2006
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Teeny boppers are aged between 12 and 15 some are even 17 year old chiks that annoy the hell out of everyone they act all cute and stupid and think they are all that. They dress like little slutty retards n have no sence of fasion and dress in pink wid ribbons in der hair and in pig tails. They have the most annoying giggles and laugh or cry over anything. They get over emotional with boyfriends and listen to gay pop music. They chat on the net in in the most annoyin way " awwww rewlie but i need chu in mah lyf i s2 chu' and they even talk like that. They always try to act all nice n cute n when dey get angry it is hellarious. To some things up the annoying little skanks that guys tend to go for cus they are easy
"hewwoo dont chuuu thing im shoooooo cyooottee look at meeee im a slutty wil retard"
by chris_619 May 24, 2005
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stupid bitch age 10-16 who pisses the hell out of everyone with her home-dyed hair (all patchy and half bald), stupid lasenza girl shirts and thongs and vocabulary (reduced to lyke, and OMGz).
teeny bopper: lyke OMGz! DiD yOu heeR mA hoMeGrrL BriTTanY'zz gOtZ a NeWz bf?
other respectable girl (a.k.a. me): did you hear i have a .45 i could shoot you in the fucking face with, bitch?
teeny bopper: LYKE OMGZ! *runs to her pink bedroom with walls covered in jesse mcartney to suck her thumb and molest her teddy bear* (if not, than her boyfriend, who's a nineteen year old dropout.)

i hate them.
by mkanniebitch November 19, 2007
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Usually referring to girls aged from 12 to 15, who adore boy bands and pop music.

Word originated from haters of fans of the boy band Hanson, who's first single was "MMM Bop"
What a teenybopper, she loves Tay Hanson
by DefineYourWorld September 01, 2004
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